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Famous artists: their quotes and statements on modern art and life - including biography and history facts

editor: Fons Heijnsbroek
selections of sourced quotes and art statements by the famous artists of 19th & 20th century; on life and creating modern painting and sculpture art
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  • Josef Albers --- art quotes and color concepts of the American abstract painter Josef Albers, great artist and art teacher
  • Carl Andre --- artist quotes and art statements on sculpture of the American Minimalism sculptor Carl Andre, famous for his Floor pieces and Wood Blocks

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Quotes and art statements of the famous modern artists & painters + biography notes and history facts


For a few years already I am collecting and editing quotes and art stametements of famous and important artists: painters and sculptors in modern art
Here I start to publish their quotes seperated on an individual artists page. I start with their names beginning with A. // At the bottom of every artists page you find some biography and history facts on the artists and some art links for further information.

The famous modern artists and contemporary painters / sculptors (male & female)- are presented here on alphabetical order, with their art quotes and statements & biography information / life facts. The collected art quotes of one great artist gives us a kind of focused ‘portray’ of this man or woman in art. the collection quotes gives us a unique view in his or her way of creating art. Because their statements express all the ideas, presumtions, philosophies or concepts on their created art, their life in art and their used techniques, private goals and methods. All this together create their necessary mental tools for making convincing modern art. This is the reason why I believe the famous artists & painters of 20th century represent in their quotes and statements an essential part of world’s modern art history!

Thoughts and ideas of the modern famous artists & great painters

Every great painter or sculptor produces thoughts on art and will presume a lot by means of his temporarily style statements or art concepts in the head – just for his or her very personal use. By writing down the coming inspirations and perceptions in ideas, style concepts, essays, blogs, interviews, notes and writings. Or perhaps by means of a poem like the famous Dada artist Kurt Schwitters and sculptor Hans Arp did frequently together. Or by creating subtle mental monologues in a diary or in letters, day by day like the German famous woman painter Paula Modersohn-Becker did in notebooks or Marianne von Werefkin who created an imaginary lover to discuss with. Other artists used vivid talks and debates, like the famous German artist Joseph Beuys who loved to have frequently exchanges with the American public or art students. Well known are also the powerful and energetic exchanges by the great art debates in the American Abstract Expressionism movement, partly organized by the painter Robert Motherwell, they are still a very unique dynamic form of exchange in modern art history of 20th century where artists and art critics were both involved.

Every great artist had to develop secret inner visual and mental thoughts and presumptions. Information, ideas, pieces of theories or temporarily concepts. Because afterwards they can be verified some way or another in the heat of the process of creation.
You will find here large collections of all kinds of these artist ideas, comments and concepts by their life quotes and their art statements. You easily will discover, their statements are very often referring to other artists thoughts or writings or quotes. The gathered artist quotes and statements give us an unique insight and deep information from the heart of creation of art itself. Still in words – not yet materialized in physical and in visual FORM – but they exist and they are exchanging ideas between the artists as a important part of the production of modern art.

the Artists quotes, statements and concepts, as essential part of art history worldwide

Of course the quotes of famous artists and painters represent, so to speak, a part of world’s cultural heritage. They are part of modern art history itself. They establish a system or network full of art tracks for the artists and th public. They are force and inspiration for the next generation artists – as an encouraging force or just as naked but inspirational roots, left by art history.
The same point is for the art public, people who just love modern art and use it as their daily inspiration. The life quotes & art statements with their many biographical information and history facts are a gift of former famous and important artists and painters to the new coming ones and still unknown artists. that means: to contemporary art in future. It is a essential part of modern human evolution.

I hope you will appreciate the job I did in recent years, searching in art-libraries and art books - collecting, selectting and editing good and clarifying artists quotes or other spoken or written information by the painters.

Fons Heijnsbroek

Names of the famous ARTISTS and great painters with their art quotes - they will be published here in coming months

- [A] Famous artists and great painters – names beginning with A
* the artist Josef Albers - German / American painter, famous for his quotes and concepts on color theory and composition in his paintings; Albers became as young artist art teacher at German Bauhaus, with Klee and Kandinsky and later at the American Black Mountain College; he invited there Willem De Kooning to give painting lessons during the summer courses Albers taught students like the young abstract-expressionist contemporary artists Twombley, Frankenthaler, Rauschenberg a.o. in the first half of 20th century.

* the artist Carl Andre - Minimalism art statements from his talks with the public and interviews, his ideas and concepts on the role of sculpture art in society by the contemporary American minimalist sculptor; 20th century, friend of Frank Stella; Carl Andre was famous for his ‘minimal’ floor sculptures from basic materials stone, metal etc…

* the artist Karel Appel quotes and ideas by the Dutch contemporary painter Karel Appel, at first active in art movement Cobra like Jorn and Alechinsky; Appel was later working in a personal expressive and colourful painting style in Paris and America; notes from the late interviews about his life history and biography facts.

* the artist and poet Hans / Jean Arp, 20th century Swiss / French modern Dadaism sculptor and poet with Dada concepts and his life facts, information about cooperating with Kurt Schwitters, Sophie Tauber and Theo van Doesburg; his ideas taken from art essays, and writings important in art history; biography facts: sculptor, creating modern abstract sculpture and graphic art in Dada, later in French Surrealism. Arp met several times the young American painter in Paris Kelly, and gave him comments and encouragements.

- [B] Famous artists and great painters with art statements – names beginning with B
* the artist Giacomo Balla, painter sayings and diary notes on painting, by the early 20th century Futurist painter Giacomo Balla, Italian Futurism; great art teacher of Carra and Severini; early 20th century, later working in Paris.

* the American painter artist William Baziotes modern 20th century painter of the modern New York School art movement, with his statements and reflections on painting and biography facts: Baziotes was a great ‘abstract Surrealist’ painter in American Abstract Expressionism and moreover an important art teacher, friend of Motherwell.

* the German artist Max Beckmann, famous 20th century painter with his art quotations and notes on painting art in history and modern times, with some biography and life facts and debating writings with Franz Marc on the issue of modern or classical art: painter in German Expressionism, but most of his life living and painting outside Germany; Beckmann was creating a. o. a lot of modern mythical triptychs paintings like ‘Argonauts’ & ‘The Night’.

* the Fluxus artist Joseph Beuys, a famous German 20th century artist with his art concepts and quotes in interviews, art essays; his famous statements and comments on ‘Social Sculpture’ and his many‘Fat-objects’, with short biography facts: modern sculptor, performer, writer and great art teacher in the German Fluxus generation of 1960s; important figure in art history and connected with American artists like Andy Warhol and admired by Carl Andre. Beuys’ students were the German neo-expressionists like Immendorf. Beuys was criticising Duchamps ‘large silence in creating’.

* the Italian artist Umberto Boccioni, and great painter with his art quotes and firm Futurist theory and his critical sayings towards Paris’ Cubism. Boccioni was important co-editor of the famous Futurist Manifest of Painters: early 20th great painter and sculptor in Italian Futurism, active in art theory debates attacking Cubism artists and their theoretician, the poet Apollinaire in Paris, together with his painter friends Severini, Russolo and Carra.

* the Cubist artist Georges Braque, famous French 20th century artist with his life quotes on the history of Cubism he founded with Picasso and development and cubist art ideas on Cubist painting; biography facts; first half of 20th century. Later Braque returned to painting simple small landscape paintings without any Cubism.

* the founder of SurrelaismAndré Breton , French 20th century poet and writer – artist with his famous Surrealist art concepts and statements on the phenomena the ‘Surreal’ and automatic writing / painting as important methods of Surrealism, taken from his famous Surrealist Manifest. Breton felt himself connected with the brothers Duchamp, Max Ernst, Picabia, Masson, Miro, Salvador Dali, Hans Arp, and later in the States with Gorky, Matta, and Baziotes. etc…

- [C] Famous artists and great painters with thier quotes on art – names beginning with C
* the Italian artist Carlo Carra, famous Futurist artist with his art quotations on Futurism, theory and political reflections – his concepts on Futurism painting; biography & life facts: Carra was a famous left-political painter in Italian Futurism, creating revolting mass-images in his dynamic paintings; first half 20th century, friends with Boccioni, Russolo and Severini.

* the landscape artist Paul Cezanne, French 19th / 20th century master painter with his art ideas en quotes in interviews, talks, and reflections on painting methods & philosophy of painting Nature; biography facts of Cezanne who strongly admired Monet, but also the old French master Poussin, painted open air with Pissaro and Renoir many times; painter who broke later definitely with Impressionism art style by creating his art in strong forms; famous figure in modern art history with strong impact on other artists like the early Cubists Braque and Picasso but also for Malevich, Franz Marc a. o. For the senior painter Cezanne the young Vincent Van Gogh was a little too wild and expressive: a ‘madman’.

* the Russian artists painter Marc Chagall, famous artist with his art quotes and life facts from letters, diary, auto-biography and comments; with biography facts of the great Russian 20th century painter and creator of Jewish life pictures, creating paintings, graphic print art and glass windows on Bible motives; Chagall was working twice in Paris with a break between in Russia, because of the war; the second time in La Ruche with a. o. Soutine and Russian sculptor Zadkine, debating a lot in Russia with El Lissitsky and Malevich till 1916.

* the painter Giorgio de Chirico, great Italian 20th century artist with his art and life quotes and statements on ‘metaphysical painting’, on technique and methods, incl. short biography facts; De Chirico is founder of Italian modern art movement ‘Metaphysical Painting’, strongly admired by Andre Breton and other Surrealists; later a more classical style.

* the landscape master artist John Constable, English painter with his art and life sayings, thoughts and statements on painting Nature and his techniques and methods; all taken from letters, diary and notebooks; with short biography facts. John Constable was in France a famous 19th century landscape painter of English Romanticism style, but not in England; Constable was creating large oil paintings for the London Salon, and making beautiful small oil sketches in-open-air, very early in the European history of art, great inspiration for later French painters as Delacroix, Corot and Barbizon painters.

* the French landscape painter Camille Corot, famous early 19th century French artist with his life information and his quotes on painting methods and techniques; taken from his letters and diary, on painting landscape and Nature; biography facts: great French painter, attributed to French Barbizon School and admired in the art ‘Salon’ essays by the French poet Baudelaire, Monet and Renoir.

- [D] Famous artists and great painters on their art and creation – names beginning with D
* the surrealist and prepresenatational painter Salvador Dali, 20th century Spanish / Catalan master artist with his art quotations and talks; theory notes and concepts on Surrealism art, all taken from his writings, letters, essays and interviews; short biography facts. Great modern Spanish painter in Surrealism with facts of his famous eccentric life style, admired by Breton who admired Dali as the greatest Surrealist painter ever.

* French impressionist painter Edgar Degas, French 19th century artist, with his art statements and his private reflections on ‘classical’ and impressionistic painting techniques; taken from his letters and diary, with some biography information: Degas was as a great painter in Paris Impressionism art style – together with his friend Manet – creating many ‘classical’ portraits, as Deags’ own art statements express very clearly. Degas abject outdoor painting in plain air like Monet, Cezanne, Pisarro or Renoir did. Nevertheless it was the ‘classical’ Degas who was responsible for the organization of the first Impressionist exhibition in Paris, including with participation of woman painter Berthe Morisot (against Manet’s will)

* the French muralist & painter Eugene Delacroix, French early 19th century famous artist with his quotes on ‘realistic Romantic’ art and loose brush technique (strong admirations for the contemporary working English landscape painter John Constable!) – notes of his romantic art theory, statements and writings, taken from letters, diary and his note-books; Delacroix became leading painter (after Gericault’s death)in French Romanticism; strongly admired by poet Baudelaire because of his art full of ‘imagination’.

* the Dutch painter Theo van Doesburg, famous 20th century De Stijl artist – his art concepts, statements, reflections on color and the ‘Spirit’ in modern painting, taken from his essays and letters (as ‘Does’) to Piet Mondrian and his journals notes; Van Doesburg was an active organizer, painter and co-founder of De Stijl / Neo-plasticism art movement, later in Dada with Schwitters, and in France in the Aubette architecture project with the Arp’s; Van Doesburg is famous for creating very early pure abstract art, like Mondrian did and Kandinsky, with a emphasis on use in architecture: one of the growing different opinions and statements between ‘Does’ and Mondrian who stood for a pure painting art.

* the French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet, great mid-20th century painter with his ideas and concepts on ‘l’art brute’, taken from his essays, and notebooks; biography and history information: Dubuffet was as modern French painter and sculptor the inventer of the concept of ‘Art Brut’, with its typical methods and techniques.

* Marcel Duchamp, French master artist with his art concepts and sayings on Surrealism and ‘automatic writing’, with short information on playing chess; taken from his art essays, letters, talks and interviews, with short biography facts. Duchamp was a French-born artist, creating his ‘ready-mades’ in France and later in America as real visual art statements; important figure in modern art history of Dada / Surrealism, with a huge impact on later artists and modern art history; mid-20th century. Later Pop art artists like Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein (also Carl Andre the sculptor) felt familiar with Duchamp’s art concepts, what Duchamp rejected on his turn firmly, read the quotes! His long and famous ‘silence in creation’ was criticized by Beuys, the German Fluxus artists.

* art statements of the Fench painter Robert Delaunay an short intro on French great artist and art teacher Robert Delaunay (famous painter artist in Cubism and later in Frenck Orphism which emphasized the colors and their singualarity, like Futursits used)

- [F] Famous artists statements and great painters on art – names beginning with F
* the american woman artoist Helen Frankenthaler, American female painter with her art and life quotes, reflections on her art and artistic development, taken from her interviews, talks; with some biography facts. Helen Frankenthaler was a great New York female painter in modern American Abstract Expressionism of the second generation (unlike Lee Krasner, but she frequently visited the Pollocks and admired Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings very much)and close friend of Greenberg the art critic; creating soon her own method of ‘soak’-painting as a new technique to make flat paintings; second half 20th century; gave a strong inspiration too American younger Color field painters Noland and Morris Louis.

* the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, early 19th century German master artist with his quotes on Romantic art and his philosophy; short biography facts: great painter in German Romanticism, important figure in art history because of his early theory of Romantic painting art, as an expression of German philosophy; Caspar David Friedrich meant a strong inspiration for Rothko, Gottlieb, Reinhardt: the Sublime!

- [G] Famous artists and great painters statements – names beginning with G
* Arshile Gorky, famous 20th century artist with his art and life quotations and private reflections on his paintings; strong inspiration by Cubism and Picasso; quotes are taken from letters, interviews, diary; with short biography facts: modern American artist of Armenian origin, ‘surrealist’ painter in the New York School, friend of Willem de Kooning, later Arshile Gorky moved towards the surrealist side in New York, like Matta a.o.

* Adolph Gottlieb, great American mid-20th century artist with his theory of symbolic art and his statements and thoughts on the limitations of pure abstract art; Gottlieb gives information about influence of Indian myths in his modern painting; some biography facts: Gottlieb was a modern American painter of New York School / Color Field Painting and was connected in art ideas with Newman and Rothko, but less abstract as the others and much more symbolic; he kept a certain surrealist touch in his art and he knew it, as the quotes reveals!

* Philip Guston, famous modern mid-20th century painter with his art quotes and philosophy on abstract & representational painting; Guston loved – read his quotes – talks with the public and good interviews; some life facts: the modern American painter was creating first in Abstract Expressionism style, later moved intensely into a representative style as his second and definite art concept with many characteristic daily things always returning like boots, masks, beds, food and cigarets; admirer of De Chirico!

* statements, Vincent van Gogh, intro here of the Dutch – landscapes and portrait paintings – master painter Vincent van Gogh, with his statements taken from letters to his brother Theo van Gogh, is coming here soon)

- [H] Famous artists and great painters quotes – names beginning with H
* Marsden Hartley, famous painter with his thoughts and statements on spirituality and reflections on his art in letters, diary and notebooks; with short history and biography facts. Hartley was a great modern painter in American Modernism art with a strong orientation on European art, creating abstract as well as representational painting. He was inspired by the French painter Cezanne and related with Blaue Reiter, Kandinsky and the German Sturm art movement. Hartley was an American Modernist artist like the American woman painter Georgia O’Keeffe who was married with photographer Stieglitz: the most important art dealer of Marsden Hartley.

* Barbara Hepworth, famous English woman sculptor with her statements, talks and ideas on abstract sculpture (related with Moore and Epstein’s sculpture art)and many of her life and biography facts, taken from her letters, diary notes, talks and interviews. Hepworth was creating modern English Abstract art; first half of 20th century; she continued the abstract organic sculpture tradition of Brancusi / Hans Arp; but also breaking with it, because of ‘attacking the stone for the first time by piercing it’, like also Moore did.

* Hans Hofmann, great modern German / American painter (like Josef Albers the German-born painter) with his dynamic ‘Push Pull’ concept and many art statements, ideas, reflections on creating Abstract Expressionism art, taken from essays, notebooks, debates and essays ; short life and biography facts of the important painter in modern art history – popular teacher in the New York School with a strong impact on students like Lee Krasner, Frankenthaler and Joan Mitchell; second half 20th century

* Edward Hopper, famous for his modern American Realism painting, painter at the beginning of 20th century; his art and life quotes and personal philosophy, taken from his letters, interview and talks; some history and biography facts. Hopper was creating Realism / ‘Impressionism’ paintings. As young art student Hopper followed already the impressionist style and modelling, after the French masters Degas, Renoir and Manet; later in Paris he continued Impressionism in his many beautiful house and street sketches in oil, but in a much more stronger form language.

- [J] Famous artists and great painters – names beginning with J
* Alexej von Jawlensky, famous early 20th century artist (art movement Blaue Reiter), with his statements and reflections on spirituality in his art, taken from his letters, interviews, journals and talks; with some life and biography facts. Jawlensky was creating later in his life only small and mainly spiritual meant paintings because of a muscle disease. He was living and working with woman painter Marianne von Werefkin (his great ‘muse’) till 1918; earlier in time in Blaue Reiter het worked and discussed a lot with Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter, Jawlensky was painting in Murnau many plain air landscapes circa 1908 – 1912.

* Jasper Johns, artist quotes and statements on Flags, Numbers etc…. ; modern American art between Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art (preparing almost Warhol and Lichtenstein in their art, with his choice for daily objects) in the mid-20th century; his quotes are taken from his essays, diary, notebooks, interviews and talks; life and biography fact; Jasper Johns was strongly connected with Robert Rauschenberg, by sharing studio’s and such.

* Asger Jorn, famous Danish artist of the mid-20th century with his painting concepts on surrealism techniques and spontaneity in art, taken from writings, interviews, notebooks; with some biography and life facts. Jorn was a great modern Danish artist reflecting very critically the Surrealist theory and concepts. He was an active member of COBRA art movement, like Karel Appel and Alechinsky, creating ‘mythical’ modern art. Later in life, in Paris Jorn became heavily influenced by Bram van Velde’s painting style, circa 1956.

- [K] Famous artists and great painters art statements and quotes – names beginning with K
* Wassily Kandinsky, great abstract painter in modern art history, with his quotes and theory on abstract painting and spituality, and his theory on color, forms, lines; all taken from his writings, letters, and books like ‘Spiritual in Art’. Kandinsky was co-founder of German art movement Blaue Reiter in München (‘Blue Rider’) with Franz Marc, was teaching at the Bauhaus with Paul Klee and creating very early abstract paintings in Murneau with Gabriele Munter; first half 20th century

* Ellsworth Kelly, famous modern American artist with his theory, concepts and ideas on American Hard Edge Painting & ‘Shaped Canvasses’, taken from his letters, diary, writings and notebooks; Kelly as young artist in Paris got with many talks connected to the ideas of senior sculptor Hans Arp and his wife Sophy (the art concept of making modern ‘anonymous art’’) during his long stay in Paris; second half 20th century

* Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, German Expressionism leader and painter in art movement Die Brücke during early 20-th century; with his ideas on expression in art. Kirchner made many private reflections on the necessity and the possibilities of new ways of expression and representation in modern painting; all his notes are taken from his letters, diary, notebooks, art essays; history and biography facts: modern painter of city scenes; Kirchner was co-founder of ‘Die Brücke’ with Heckel in Dresden and Berlin, later – after a mental collapse, partly because of experiences as soldier in the War, living and working in Switzerland, till his death.

* Paul Klee, famous artist with his art and life quotes on imagination in art; Klee was as young artist connected with Blaue Reiter as his auto-biography note illustrate. Klee was creating between German Expressionism and personal Surrealism; he was art teacher on the Bauhaus with Kandinsky, together living as neighbours. ; as young artist Paul Klee was involved with Gabriele, Munter, Kandinsky and Franz Marc, as Munters’s quotes illustrate clearly. * Yves Klein, famous for his concept of ‘immaterial art’ and ‘his’ Blue, with a few biography facts: mainly painter but later also modern sculptor with his ‘fire sculptures’ and early performances by producing wall-paintings with nudes as brushes’. Yves Klein was famous for creating many monochrome paintings in his typical Blue or Golden color, like coloured moon-landscapes; mid-20th century. His influence on the Nul art movement, the so-called Zero in Germany or the Netherlands was huge.

* , Franz Kline,great American painter with his art quotes on painting technique and black and white approach; biography facts and interview notes of the modern painter of the American art movement Abstract Expressionism / New York School, creating in black-white; second half 20th century; close later friend of Willem de Kooning and woman painter Joan Mitchell; they shared the Jazz music as common inspiration. * Willem de Kooning, famous American artist with his art statements and ideas on painting in the area between ‘Abstract and representation’, some of his life notes and biography facts. De Kooning was a leading painter in American modern art movement Abstract Expressionism with Jackson Pollock ; second half 20th century, connected as coming artist with Arshile Gorky and later with Franz Kline; De Kooning gave Kline all kind of suggestions for starting his black white paintings by suggesting projection. Famous for his series Woman paintings.

* Lee Krasner, with her art life quotes on technique and biography facts; a modern American woman painter in Abstract Expressionism art style with many moves and shifts in her art, read the quotes; Lee Krasner was married with Jackson Pollock and they worked together till 1956, the year Jackson died in a car incident; second half 20th century; Lee was also a good friend of female painter Helen Frankenthaler.

>* Frida / Frieda Kahlo, art and life quotes of the Mexican surrealist woman painter Frieda / Frida Kahlo, creating many self-portrays in a surrealistic way; first half 20th century and married with the famous muralist painter Diego.

- [L] Famous artists and great painters quotes on art – names beginning with L
* Fernand Leger, famous French artist with his art theory notes and concepts on ‘modernist art’; modern French left-oriented painter in Cubism with Picasso, Braque and Gris; later Leger was attracted and soon creating in the Purism art movement in first half 20th century; Leger as senior artist met the young American painter Willem de Kooning in an art-project (WPA) in the States.

* Roy Lichtenstein, famous American artist with some life facts and his statements on Pop Art; with a nice biography and history facts:. Lichtenstein was a conscious working and leading artist in modern American Pop Art with Andy Warhol in the second half 20th century.

- [M] Famous artists and great painters: their art quotes – names beginning with M
* Kazimir Malevich, famous Russian painter with his art statements and information on Suprematism and Cubo-Futurism and his theory notes on the Russian Suprematism art movement. Malevich was a great painter-theoretician and inspiring teacher ( for some years teaching on Chagall’s founded Art Academy in Vitebsk, with other left ‘political’ constructivist artists like Lissitsky) and founder of Suprematism Russian art style in early 20th century.

* Franz Marc, famous German animal painter with his art ideas and life quotes, partly written from the war front. Marc was a great painter, creating mainly animal paintings in a colourful and expressionist style, later influenced by Futurism and criticizing Cubist as Picasso and Braque; co-founder in Munich of Blaue Reiter / Blue Rider with Kandinsky; Franz Marc started a firm art debate on modern art, a. o. with Max Beckmann on the issue of the possibilities of ‘modern painting’ which Beckmann denied completely. Franz Marc was also related to the young Paul Klee during the last years of his young life; he died in 1915 in Verdun.

* Filippo Marinetti, famous Italian writer who started with his modern concepts the Futurism art style by promoting modern dynamics in poetry, art and pictures, Marinetti was a great writer and poet who founded on his own the Italian Futurism movement in early 20th century. A few years later he found his fellow-Futurists in the painters Carra, Severini, Russolo, Balla and Boccioni: they created with Marinetti’s help the ‘Futurist Painters Manifesto’. Later in his life Marinetti connected Futurism ideas with political Italian Fascism.

* Henri Matisse, famous French painter artist with his art quotes and writings on Fauvist painting style, including short history and biography facts. Matisse was founder of the new French art movement Fauvism with the artists Derain, Dufy, Marquet and de Vlaeminck, in early 20th century. Matisse became later in Meudon close friends with Picasso. He meant for his Fauvist art style a great inspiration for later great artist like the abstract Dutch painter Bram van Velde, working mainly in France.

* Joan Miro, famous painter / sculptor with his art statements and technique notes; with short history and biography information. Miro was an early Spanish Dadaist, creating later his paintings and sculptures in a more or less Surrealism style. Miro kept always distance but used very intensely the Surrealist concepts of ‘automatic writing / painting/ drawing; he became in Paris close friends with Surrealist drawer Masson and later with the American sculptor Calder, the mobile-inventor. Miro’s main art dealer in America was Pierre Matisse, Paul Matisse’s son who also brought the recent art of Dubuffet, Giacometti and Chagall to the public of the United States, shortly after the War in 1945.

* Joan Mitchell, famous American woman artist in abstract Expressionism like the female painters Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler; Mitchell gives her art and life quotes and personal thoughts on creating her paintings with some biography facts. Joan Mitchell became a great ‘French’ painter, creating her art later in her life definitely in France in the second half 20th century; she was strongly inspired by Monet’s waterlelies, so in her paintings you always recognize a certain ‘natural’ touch, a kind of abstract-impressionism.

* Paula Modersohn-Becker, famous German woman painter with her art and life information, taken from her letters and diary including some history and biography facts. Paula Modersohn (married with Otto Modersohn, the German Worpswede painter) was a woman painter from the artist-colony Worpswede (where the young Bram van Velde painted as a very curious Dutch painter) making many landscapes and portraits of North German farmers and their children. Paula was creating during her several long stays in Paris a much more colourful painting art in the early years of 20th century. She was connected with German poet Rilke by his wife the sculptress Westhof. It was in Paris that Paula learned the art of old ‘papa Cezanne’ (in some ways she is ‘responsible’ for Rilkes famous collected ‘Letters on Cezanne’) and later Matisse and the other Fauves which influenced her color choice dramatically. Paula Modesohn-Becker announced in a certain way later German Expressionism, together with Edvard Munch and Vincent van Gogh.

* Piet Mondrian, famous Dutch artist with his art concepts on pure and spiritual art, his theory on energy and necessary destruction of the old art styles, including some biography facts and information on de Stijl movement. Many of his quoted ideas are taken from his letters to ‘Does’ = Theo van Doesburg; the exchange by letters of the many ideas and concepts between Mondrian and Van Doesburg became the key-element, the heart of Dutch ‘De Stijl’ art movement’. Mondrian was developing his Stijl art style very early by studying Cubism consequently and leaving it behind quickly. At the end of his artistic life – working in first half 20th century till 1946 –he ended up with his late American Boogie Woogie paintings in a much more freer style, admired strongly by the young Rotko. The senior painter Mondrian admired on his turn the dynamic drip painting style by Pollock – and also the art of Pollock’shis wife Lee Krasner – and advised Peggy Guggenheim to include Pollock as an artist of her gallery.

* Claude Monet, famous French landscape painter with his art quotes and ideas on plain air (outdoor) landscape-painting; including short life information and biography facts. Monet became a great colourful painter in French Impressionism and was creating many landscape paintings in France, the Netherlands. He ended in an almost abstract painting style after 1908. As a young beginning artist Monet became a student of the painter Boudin in Le Havre, both influenced by the Dutch landscape painter in France, Jongkind, an early but Dutch Impressionist!

* Henry Moore, the great English sculptor with his statements on his modern sculpture, mixing between abstract and surrealism art style, including some history, technique and biography facts. Moore was a sculptor creating in stone and bronze in the mid-20th century; he was a modern sculptor, piercing the stone (just like his female colleague Barbara Hepworth, and in strong contrast with the more ‘classical abstract’ sculpture art by Brancusi and Hans Arp (organic and complete sculpture, with masses as a whole).

* Robert Motherwell, famous painter and a great art-debate organizer with his statements and art history information: characteristics and meaning of American modern art; including some biography facts. Motherwell was painter and moreover an inspirational art critic of New York School / abstract Expressionism movement, with debates on art between Hofmann, De Kooning, Baziotes, Rothko, Franz Kline, etc. in mid-20th century. Motherwell had his art-connections in many directions, so he kept also connections with the New York Surrealists like Breton, Gorky, Matta, Masson, Ernst and others. His own painting art became never completely without subject, kept always connections, see his series ‘Spanish Elegy’, as a visual comment on the Spanish Civil War, and read his notes.

* Edvard Munch, famous Norwegian artist with his art and life quotes and his personal symbolic style of emotional painting; with history and biography information about his early recognition in Germany, Berlin by the Session artists. Munch was also visiting Paris several times, on his search for modern new art expressions, to be able to create a new emotional painting style, on canvas and in graphic art. The ‘Cry’ became one of Munch’s most famous paintings; he made also many beautiful Norwegian landscapes and portraits. Modern Symbolism art.

* Gabriele Münter, famous German woman artist with her quotes, containing a lt of biographical information on art and life and history facts of Blaue Reiter, with short biography facts. Gabriele Munter was an early German woman painter in Blaue Reiter, creating and living with Kandinsky till 1914 in Murnau, when Kandinsky had to fly because of the starting War (he had a Russian nationality, the Germans didn’t approve). They painted a lot of times together outdoors (plain air) in Murnau (South Germany, near Munich, where Gabriele had bought a house) with Jawlensky and Marianne Werefkin. Munter met also those times the young painter Paul Klee and remembered his talks. Gabriele never became fully abstract in her art, but nevertheless incorporated a lot of Kandinsky elements in her work, as her quotes express very clearly.

- [N] Famous artists quotes and great painters statements – names beginning with N
* Barnett Newman, famous American artist with his life facts, art thoughts and his concepts of the ‘Zip paintings’ and the secret use of ‘holy Jewish Tora numbers’; including history and biography facts. Barnett Newman was a painter of American Color Field painting, and connected with Rothko, Gottlieb in the search for the ‘Sublime’; also with De Kooning because they admired their art mutually; Newman worked mainly in the second half of 20th century, making for instance large series paintings: ‘Who’s afraid of Yellow Red and Blue’, one of them caused an scandal because it was destroyed by a public visitor in Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum.

* Kenneth Noland, famous modern American artist with his painting statements, reacting on former Abstract Expressionism style. Noland studied painting art at Black Mountain College ( studied with Bolotowsky, a professor who introduced him to Neo plasticism / De Stijl and Mondrian with his pure and flat art works). There Noland also studied Bauhaus concepts on color and form under Josef Albers and became interested in Paul Klee’s use of colour. Noland quotes contains firm statements against a subjective approach of creating art. Noland became close artist friend with Morris Louis; they visited together the studio of Helen Frankenthaler and got impressed by her new invented soak painting technique; second half 20th century.

- [O] Famous artists on art; great painters statements – names beginning with O
* Georgia O’Keeffe, great woman artist in American Modernist art (in the same period as Marsden Hartley was creating his art) with her art and life quotes and information on traveling and painting American landscape, flowers, the desert; with many biography and history facts: O’Keeffe as a woman painter of modern American landscapes mixed with bones and flowers, stones and skulls. She was married with art dealer Stieglitz; early 20th century. Many of her life quotes are taken from her youth-friend Anita who stated later to write a biography on Georgia, which resulted in a definite partition between the two women.

- [P] Famous artists statements and great painters quotes – names beginning with P
* Pablo Picasso, famous Spanish artist with his art statements on Cubism and some history facts and personal life memories, including short biography facts. Picasso was a modern painter in Cubism, Surrealism and all kind of later personal styles; he was also sculptor and co-founder of Cubism with Georges Braque in Paris in the beginning of 20th century; he developed his art in all the four periods of Cubism. Picasso was not ‘searching for, in his painting; he was finding!’ Bram van Veld express as artist the opposite and attacked the idea of Picasso, see their quotes.

* Jackson Pollock, famous American painter with his art overall concept and information on his characteristic style of painting: dripping; including short biography and life facts. Pollock was a leading figure in American Abstract Expressionism, together with Willem de Kooning. He ‘invented’ the dynamic technique of ‘drip’ painting, which was started already by Max Ernst but still in a very sophisticated way as a relaxed Surrealist technique in automatic drawing / painting to make it possible to find the coincidence as the source of creation. Pollock was married with Lee Krasner and they worked a lot in the same house, commenting each new works. Died in 1956 with the car.

- [R] Famous artists and great painters statements on art – names beginning with R
* Robert Rauschenberg, great artist with his art statements and biography facts. A modern painter and sculptor, creating between abstract expressionism and pop art; together with his art friend of Jasper Johns, active as artist in second half 20th century; Rauschenberg was studying at Black Mountain college, Josef Albers with Tobey, Twombly a. o. Rauschenberg really meant to depart from abstract expressionism definitely; famously is the story of the incident of 1953, when Rauschenberg asked and got a drawing by Willem de Kooning ( De Kooning gave him only a ‘real good one, so Rauschenberg had to wait for some times till De Kooning found this drawing somewhere in the studio!), which he obtained from his colleague for the express purpose of erasing it as an artistic statement. The result is titled ‘Erased de Kooning Drawing’.

* Pierre-Auguste Renoir, famous French artist with his art quotes and thoughts on ‘painting in pleasure; with selected history information and biography facts: painter in Impressionism art movement during second half of the 19th century. Renoir was the most colourful of the Impressionist artists, together with Monet; they painted several times outdoors together. Renoirs early paintings show the influence of the colorism of Delacroix and luminosity of Corot. Renoir admired also Degas sense of movement and his ‘classical’ approach of the model.

* Mark Rothko, famous American artist with his art statements and concepts on the Sublime; selected history and biography information. Rothko’s art was part of Colour Field painting style during the mid-20th century (in contrast with the other more impulsive and energetic abstract Expressionists as Pollock, Kline and de Kooning) with Gottlieb and Newman; they read and discussed together the works of Freud and Jung (the last was also influencing Pollock and his art a lot!), in particular their concepts on dreams and the archetypes of the ‘collective unconscious’. These painters understood mythological symbols as images that refered to themselves as human being, to transcend certain periods of history and culture. Rothko later said his artistic approach was “reformed” by his study of the “dramatic themes of myth.”

* Luigo Russolo, Italian modern painter artist with his art concepts on Futurist painting style and selected history and life facts; Italian Futurism of early 20th century; Russolo was connected with the other Italian Futurist painters Balla, Severini, Carra, in the Manifesto of Futurists.

- [S] Famous artists and great painters quotes – names beginning with S
* Kurt Schwitters, Dada-artist with a lot of statements on ‘Merz’: Merz-Bau and Merz art, with many of his non-political Dada statements and history and biography information on the German Dadaism art style. Schwitters was Dada painter and sculptor during the first half 20th century; Schwitters collaborated many times with other artists in making collages or poetry together, with Hans Arp in the Merz house (photo), and organizing Dada-evenings in the Netherlands with Theo van Doesburg.

* Gino Severini, famous Italian Futurist artist with his art quotes and selected biography facts: his art developed between Italian Futurism and a Cubism / Purism art style during early 20th century; Severini was connected with Marinetti, and Futurist painters like Carra, Boccioni but also with de Chirico, Fernand Leger and other French Cubists.

- [T] Famous artists statements - of the great painters – names beginning with T
* Jean Tinguely, his sculpture statements, including his neo-Dada concepts of kinetic ‘art mechanique’. Jean Tinguely created many objects of moving and turning modern kinetic art and machine sculpture in the mid-20th century. Tinguely was married with female sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle and they did several collaborations, like constructing their statues of the Stravinsky fountain in Paris and connecting and composing them all together; the huge and very dynamic fountain is near museum Centre Pompidou in Paris; the differences between both styles is clear, but also the connections and interrelations between their different objects in the fountain is very convincing.

* Mark Tobey, famous American contemporary artist with his art quotes and thoughts on spiritual art of Baha; short history information and biography facts. Mark Tobey was a painter of modern Abstract Expressionism art movement in an overall art style like Pollock, but in a very gentle and subtle manner; creating second half of 20th century

* art statements by Bram van Velde; great Dutch modern abstract painter who lived and worked mainly in France. He is often attributed to Ecole de Paris, but was less refined and decorative in his art style. Included is some life and history information, mid-20th century

- [W] Famous artists quotes of great painters – names beginning with W
* Andy Warhol, famous American artist with his concept of Pop Art and American life style; with history and biography facts: Warhol was a leading figure in American Pop Art in the mid-20th century, with Roy Lichtenstein a. o. Andy Warhol was initiator of the famous music centre The Factory. In thoughts and ideas on art Warhol had a special connection with the German Fluxus artist Beuys, they felt connected in art and thinking, despite their many differences.

* Marianne von Werefkin, famous Russian woman painter with her art and life quotes and reflections on the ‘Unknown’; some short history information and biography facts: Werefkin was moreover an inspirational theoretician in German Blaue Reiter / Blue Rider; she visited frequently the house of Gabriele Munter and Kandinsky in Murnau, with her friend Jawlensky: painting together outdoors (plain air); early 20th century. Marianne was living and working with Jawlensky till 1918, then they departed and she travelled for her long stay in Italy.

Fons Heijnsbroek